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Copyright © 2007-2009 SystemInPlace, Inc.

ApplianceKit is free but copyrighted software. Usage, redistribution and modification
of this software is allowed under acceptance of the terms present in the LICENSE AGREEMENT
found in the COPYING file.

1. What is ApplianceKit and why is it important?

ApplianceKit is a platform for easily provisioning and creating
appliances. It is considerably more powerful than other provisioning
tools, allowing for custom partitioning schemes and other nice things.

However, the big thing with ApplianceKit is ApplianceXML, which describes
how a software appliance is created and installed. As an example, the following
XML snippet creates a Debian Lenny install and denotes that you want
irssi installed in it.

    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
        <description>Irssi appliance</description>
            <name>William Pitcock</name>

2. System Requirements

You need:

- Linux 2.6 or later
- Python 2.5 or later
- A supported virtualization technology: xen, vserver or qemu/kvm [experimental].
- The Xen support requires an LVM volume. LVM is the proper way of doing Xen anyway.
  If you are not using Xen, then LVM is not required.

3. Installation procedure

See the INSTALL document.

4. Reporting Bugs

See the instructions at

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