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OASISFormat:		0.3
Name:			nlopt
Version:		0.4
Synopsis:		nlopt-ocaml implements OCaml bindings to the NLOpt optimization library.
Authors:		Michał Kurcewicz <>
Maintainers:		Michał Kurcewicz <>
License:		LGPL-2.1+ with OCaml linking exception
BuildTools:		ocamlbuild

Plugins:		META (0.3), DevFiles(0.3)

Library nlopt
        Path:		src
        Modules:	Nlopt
        Csources:	nlopt_wrapper.c
        CCopt:		-std=c99 -O3 -Wall
        CCLib:		-lnlopt

Executable rosenbrock
        Path:		examples
        BuildDepends:	nlopt
        Install:	false
        CompiledObject:	native