django-selectable / AUTHORS.txt

Mark Lavin 63562ee 
Mark Lavin e6362bb 

Mark Lavin c16d47b 

Mark Lavin 5c685cd 
Mark Lavin 092c22a 
Mark Lavin 9763394 
Mark Lavin 84388f3 
Mark Lavin c16d47b 
Mark Lavin 97b3694 
Mark Lavin fa0b69c 
Mark Lavin 80045bf 
Mark Lavin 97b3694 
Mark Lavin 1a1b689 
Mark Lavin c16d47b 
Mark Lavin 63562ee 
Mark Lavin c16d47b 
Primary author:

Mark Lavin

The following people who have contributed to django-selectable:

Michael Manfre
Luke Plant
Augusto Men
Colin Copeland
Sławomir Ehlert
Dan Poirier
Felipe Prenholato
David Ray
Rick Testore
Karen Tracey
Manuel Alvarez

Thanks for all of your work!
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