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Documentation and release notes on fix for #63.

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     By default ``format_item`` creates a dictionary with the three keys used by
     the UI plugin: id, value, label. These are generated from the calls to
-    ``get_item_id``, ``get_item_value``, and ``get_item_label``. If you want to
+    ``get_item_id``, ``get_item_value`` and ``get_item_label``. If you want to
     add additional keys you should add them here.
+    The results of ``get_item_id``, ``get_item_value`` and ``get_item_label`` are
+    conditionally escaped to prevent Cross Site Scripting (XSS) similar to the templating
+    language. If you know that the content is safe and you want to use these methods
+    to include HTML should mark the content as safe with ``django.utils.safestring.mark_safe``
+    inside the ``get_item_*`` methods.
     :param item: An item from the search results.
     :return: A dictionary of information for this item to be sent back to the client.

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 Release Notes
+v0.5.2 (Released 2012-06-27)
+Bug Fixes
+- Fixed XSS flaw with lookup ``get_item_*`` methods. Thanks slafs for the report.
 v0.5.1 (Released 2012-06-08)