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Fix JS bug with mutliple select combobox not clearing the text input. Thanks @akaihola and @lpirl. Fixes #68

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 - Cleaned up JS scoping problems when multiple jQuery versions are used on the page. Thanks Antti Kaihola for the report.
+- Fixed minor JS bug where text input was not cleared when selected via the combobox in the multiselect. Thanks Antti Kaihola for the report and Lukas Pirl for a hotfix.
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             /* Trigger selection of a given item.
             Item should contain two properties: id and value 
             Event is the original select event if there is one.
-            Event should not be passed if trigger manually.
+            Event should not be passed if triggered manually.
             var self = this,
             input = this.element;
-                        return false;
+                    return false;
                 } else {
                     var ui = {item: item};
                         return false;
-                    self.select(ui.item, event);
+                    return self.select(ui.item, event);
             }).addClass("ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all");
             // Override the default auto-complete render.