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Version css and js files of the form based on selectable version

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 from django.utils.http import urlencode
 from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
+from selectable import __version__
 from selectable.compat import force_text
 from selectable.forms.base import import_lookup_class
     class Media(object):
         css = {
-            'all': ('%scss/dj.selectable.css' % STATIC_PREFIX, )
+            'all': ('%scss/dj.selectable.css?v=%s' % (STATIC_PREFIX, __version__),)
-        js = ('%sjs/' % STATIC_PREFIX, )
+        js = ('%sjs/' % (STATIC_PREFIX, __version__),)
 class AutoCompleteWidget(forms.TextInput, SelectableMediaMixin):
         initial = ['', initial]
         data = ['', data]
-        return super(AutoComboboxSelectMultipleWidget, self)._has_changed(initial, data)
+        return super(AutoComboboxSelectMultipleWidget, self)._has_changed(initial, data)
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