Mark Lavin avatar Mark Lavin committed 5af98a2

Convert test lookup to new style and add legacy format tests.

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 __all__ = (
+    'LegacyModelLookupTestCase',
 class SimpleModelLookup(ModelLookup):
     model = Thing
-    search_field = 'name__icontains'
+    search_fields = ('name__icontains', )
 class ModelLookupTestCase(BaseSelectableTestCase):
         qs = lookup.get_query(request=None, term='other')
         self.assertTrue( not in qs.values_list('id', flat=True))
         self.assertTrue( in qs.values_list('id', flat=True))
+class LegacyModelLookup(ModelLookup):
+    model = Thing
+    search_field = 'name__icontains'
+class LegacyModelLookupTestCase(ModelLookupTestCase):
+    lookup_cls = LegacyModelLookup
+    def test_get_name(self):
+        name =
+        self.assertEqual(name, 'tests-legacymodellookup')
+    def test_get_url(self):
+        url = self.__class__.lookup_cls.url()
+        test_url = reverse('selectable-lookup', args=['tests-legacymodellookup'])
+        self.assertEqual(url, test_url)
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