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Update docs and release notes on JS event namespace change.

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File docs/advanced.rst

 `Autocomplete plug-in <>`_, the widgets
 expose the events defined by the plugin.
-    - autocompletecreate
-    - autocompletesearch
-    - autocompleteopen
-    - autocompletefocus
-    - autocompleteselect
-    - autocompleteclose
-    - autocompletechange
+    - djselectablecreate
+    - djselectablesearch
+    - djselectableopen
+    - djselectablefocus
+    - djselectableselect
+    - djselectableclose
+    - djselectablechange
+.. note::
+    Prior to v0.7 these event names were under the ``autocomplete`` namespace. If you
+    are upgrading from a previous version and had customizations using these events
+    you should be sure to update the names.
 For the most part these event names should be self-explanatory. If you need additional
 detail you should refer to the `jQuery UI docs on these events <>`_.
 You might want to help your users by submitting the form once they have selected a valid
-item. To do this you simply need to listen for the ``autocompleteselect`` event. This
+item. To do this you simply need to listen for the ``djselectableselect`` event. This
 event is fired by the text input which has an index of 0. If your field is named ``my_field``
 then input to watch would be ``my_field_0`` such as:
         <script type="text/javascript">
             $(document).ready(function() {
-                $(':input[name=my_field_0]').bind('autocompleteselect', function(event, ui) {
+                $(':input[name=my_field_0]').bind('djselectableselect', function(event, ui) {

File docs/releases.rst

 v0.7.0 (Released TBD)
+This release features a large refactor of the JS plugin used by the widgets. While this
+over makes the plugin more maintainable and allowed for some of the new features in this
+release, it does introduce a few incompatible changes. For the most part places where you
+might have previously used the ``autocomplete`` namespace/plugin, those references should
+be updated to reference the ``djselectable`` plugin.
 - Improved the scope of ``prepareQuery`` and ``formatLabel`` options. Not fully backwards compatible. Thanks to Augusto Men.
 - Allow passing the Python path string in place of the lookup class to the fields and widgets. Thanks to Michael Manfre.
 Bug Fixes
 - Fix bug with matching hidden input when the name contains '_1'. Thanks to Augusto Men for the report and fix.
+Backwards Incompatible Changes
+- The JS event namespace has changed from ``autocomplete`` to ``djselectable``.
+- ``data('autocomplete')`` is no longer available on the widgets on the client-side. Use ``data('djselectable')`` instead.
 v0.6.2 (Released 2012-11-07)