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Mark Lavin  committed dcd08bb

Don't change the autocomplete options for the combobox.

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 - The JS event namespace has changed from ``autocomplete`` to ``djselectable``.
 - ``data('autocomplete')`` is no longer available on the widgets on the client-side. Use ``data('djselectable')`` instead.
 - Combobox button was changed from a ``<button>`` to ``<a>``. Any customized styles you may have should be updated.
+- Combobox no longer changes the ``minLength`` or ``delay`` options.
 v0.6.2 (Released 2012-11-07)

File selectable/static/selectable/js/jquery.dj.selectable.js

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             $input.addClass("ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all");
             // Additional work for combobox widgets
             if (this.selectableType === 'combobox') {
-                // Change auto-complete options
-                this.option("delay", 0);
-                //this.option("minLength", 0);
                 .addClass("ui-corner-left ui-combo-input");
                 // Add show all items button