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 :ref:`Adding Parameters on the Server Side <server-side-parameters>` for more
+.. versionadded:: 0.7
+You can configure the plugin options by passing the configuration dictionary in the ``data-selectable-options``
+attribute. The set of options availble include those define by the base
+`autocomplete plugin <http://api.jqueryui.com/1.9/autocomplete/>`_ as well as the
+:ref:`javascript-removeIcon`, :ref:`javascript-comboboxIcon`, and :ref:`javascript-highlightMatch` options
+which are unique to django-selectable.
+    .. code-block:: python
+        attrs = {'data-selectable-options': {'highlightMatch': True, 'minLength': 5}}
+        selectable.AutoCompleteSelectWidget(lookup_class=FruitLookup, attrs=attrs)
 .. _AutoCompleteWidget:
 The one catch is that you must use ``allow_new=False`` which is the default.
 .. versionadded:: 0.7
 ``lookup_class`` may also be a dotted path.