django-selectable / selectable / tests /

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Mark Lavin avatarMark Lavin
Handle some moved functions in Python 3 and Django 1.5 with compatibility module.
Mark Lavin avatarMark Lavin
Allow passing a serialized set of options for the JS plugin. See #76
Michael Manfre avatarMichael Manfre
Fixed #15 - Allow passing a dotted string to `lookup_class`
Mark Lavin avatarMark Lavin
Clean up widget tests for HTML assertions. Fixes #85
Mark Lavin avatarMark Lavin
Allow passing query parameters in widget __init__. See #42.
Mark Lavin avatarMark Lavin
Field/widget hooks for result limiting.
Mark Lavin avatarMark Lavin
Condensed update_query_parameters and added tests.
Karen Tracey avatarKaren Tracey
More complete fix includes also overriding render to ensure that decompress is called even when caller specifies initial values as a list (superclass render won't call decompress if value is already a list, but we need decompress to be called since it inserts None as the value for the auto widget). Also fix the other auto/multi widget. Move tests into widgets since that's really where the problem was and make them more consistent with existing pattern.
Mark Lavin avatarMark Lavin
Test cases for custom widgets.
Mark Lavin avatarMark Lavin
Initial project layout.
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