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F# 3.0.27

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 DIST 3.0.26.tar.gz 10695919 SHA256 0888e71b9973fab2f0b61160080ce513acf50bbab67f8766f4ba59ae118c13af SHA512 3ae33ba78a4c7cbebc9900e93c4429d00109ebc3d24140b749bb61cf91d810ecde7049add887b2ba474ffe2c8b555cbfceb5022f65df5481639f89f6fa04e292 WHIRLPOOL d17a1e30a74ad91632d84f1381305b49ecbe37b17512be62e3debe4504e6f258ccbad4e3675e523493ac39e90efc1e70deff047c05bd87996ca6589bc3c19bcd
+DIST 3.0.27.tar.gz 13144822 SHA256 3f088407fb0921fd60257a4b27dc32892e2e2b7eed70190f8961551477fac591 SHA512 a80dfee08a3bc60859458374677adf48f84e6b56457a51b6930b62ba27e3117c5078d2b4ca27d4f7ddf215b48de3fad897a577057aeffc1f6a98d638e512e7cf WHIRLPOOL f3ad01dd04942d156d6999a1c97a85c6cea14db90d50a14f9eb24563fa32b18ff0a64ac9a10e556f6b99a1822679627c3bca45bc2e86466e7acda3e0dd16e322
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