mashed-potatoes / x11-themes / faenza-icon-theme / Manifest

DIST faenza-icon-theme_1.3.1.tar.gz 24647057 SHA256 afd1c32229989e4cf09733c1ce5f2a651e585d86f45e98e9de6e8813f15d0edc SHA512 0c017ddbaa2dba485341d3bb1e321fafad026aafc893fa2519ddfd3fe0475fc8d011c99ce3de581c9b1c6aa7d250312673dda7c10bb12783db2d45816646ddc9 WHIRLPOOL 1e22412d60c9b5f4380d45f6a99beb5bbac28e256d3bacf8b53e46548f053371357221d91a192e190d91286abfb5af699e217679f2e89eb25d792fac6f2f1cce
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