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Issue #45 resolved

Add system properties to explicitly disable either ComponentFactoryProvider implementation

Michael Ludwig
repo owner created an issue

This is useful in test cases where I only want to test Janino or APT. This solution doesn't have to be perfect to also handle Android where we might exclude the Janino library completely.

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  1. Michael Ludwig reporter

    Although I should also reevaluate if I need the Janino version. Everything can use the APT version, which will be faster and require fewer dependencies, and will work on Android as is. Additionally, it will even further simplify the split between the integration test because they only need to contain the failures. But in that case, we could even get rid of the additional module and move them into the root project.

    All of this seems like a good move. The only downside is I lose the ability to have a runtime fallback. I really struggle to find a scenario where this is important.

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