Michael Ludwig committed 2d101e9

Use PBuffers in tests cases, onscreen contexts are broken for some reason with Newt and Windows.

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     private FixedFunctionPass pass;
     public FixedFunctionRenderTest() {
-        super(JoglFramework.create(false, false, true, false));
+        super(JoglFramework.create());


 public class SelfDestructTest {
     public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
-        final Framework f = JoglFramework.create(false, false, true, false);
+        final Framework f = JoglFramework.create();
         System.out.println("framework created");
         final OnscreenSurface surface = f.createSurface(new OnscreenSurfaceOptions()
 //            .setFullscreenMode(new DisplayMode(1024, 768, PixelFormat.RGB_24BIT))