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Update notes for SM implementation.

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     // FIXME I need to determine if multiple shadow-casting lights are allowed
     // I really think they should be. but if that's the case then I need to update
     // AppliedEffects to support that properly
+    // Okay so the last major bit of work that is needed (besides transparency)
+    // is implementing shadow mapping.  This is tricky for a number of reasons
+    // 1. The light group needs to pull in the set of all shadow-casting lights
+    //    so that it can disable all shadow lights during its main lighting phase
+    // 2. I need to figure out a way to switch active surfaces, render the SM,
+    //    and switch back and restore the GL state, since activating a surface
+    //    resets its state.
+    //
+    // One possible solution to #2 is that Renderers can return a State
+    // object that encapsulates their entire set of state, and then they also
+    // can have setters to restore such state. So then the SM cache grabs
+    // the state, activates an FBO, renders that map, reactivates the original
+    // surface and then restores the state.
+    //
+    // There are a couple of concerns with this:
+    // 1. Cost of cloning the entire state for FFP
+    // 2. Duplication of work, if we're calling reset() multiple times but don't
+    //    really need to do it after/before every surface activation
+    // 3. Some state in the FFP isn't fully tracked, just that it was changed
+    //    from the default (like eye-space planes, light positions, etc)
+    //    This would make it more of a hassle to store correctly because 
+    //    restoring the state would be dependent on a modelview matrix that is
+    //    unknown.
+    //
+    // One solution to #4 is that I compute the eye-space values for the state,
+    // as they're pushed and then on restore, set the modelview matrix to the
+    // identity and send the precomputed eye-space to OpenGL. Then set the modelview
+    // to the true matrix, and send all state that doesn't depend on the
+    // modelview matrix.
+    //
+    // This could work but it makes state tracking even slower, but probably
+    // not by very much and it would allow me to do equality checks against that
+    // block of state as well.