Improve pixel format selection in Framework implementations

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Michael Ludwig
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There are a number of places where the Framework fails to create a surface because instead of gracefully adjusting capabilities, LWJGL/NEWT throw an exception. In some cases, a JVM fault occurs and the process just halts. In some cases, this depends on the graphics card/OS.

Steps to reproduce multi-sample selection failure on Intel: 1. Lock into integrated only mode on Mac laptop 2. Create a surface with a MultiSample value other than NONE 3. nChoosePixelFormat() throws a LWJGLException

With NEWT on Mac, any depth bit size other than 16 causes a fault.

With NEWT on Windows, the onscreen shadow context can't be shared or created properly, and only pbuffers work as expected for a shadow context.

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  1. Michael Ludwig reporter

    With the new changes to how surfaces are created as is, and the framework isn't responsible for mutating or finding the best configuration this issue is somewhat moot. However, it is still relevant for how I capture the low-level failures

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