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Code styling

  • Do not use spaces for indenting, use spaces for aligning
  • Do not use space to separate brackets from calls, use space to separate brackets from declarations
  • Use single line for beautification and between imports and settings of the variables, use two to separate them from the main declarations
  • Always use from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _ and {% load i18n %}, do not leave untranslatable text unless it should be untranslatable
  • Use # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- and from __future__ import unicode_literals where it is relevant
  • Line length is 180, 80 is for weaklings: it´s fine to write your code in shorter lines but do not needlessly rewrite other people´s code
  • It is fine to use even longer lines in exceptional cases
  • Write your code in a way that is readable to other people
  • Ask Goury Gabriev for help if not sure how to style your code or if you have a proposal