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Fix for Cheetah import (in some cases); prepare news for 1.3.1 release

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 News: Paste Script
-svn trunk
 * Fix related to Python 2.5 (when there are errors creating files, you
   could get infinite recursion under Python 2.5).
 * The ``exe`` command now does % substitution in keys (e.g.,
+* Some import problems with Cheetah should be improved.


                 print 'No %s found' % meta_name
             return self.simple_config(vars)
         if self.use_cheetah:
-            from Cheetah.Template import Template
-            tmpl = Template(self.dist.get_metadata(meta_name),
+            import Cheetah.Template
+            tmpl = Cheetah.Template.Template(self.dist.get_metadata(meta_name),
             return copydir.careful_sub(
                 tmpl, vars, meta_name)
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