This layer defines the distro 'mmmpi' for OpenEmbedded. It is a really simple
example distro layer, suitable for use in testing software for the Raspberry Pi
and in learning how to setup a distro layer. Due to these simple aims, it is
missing a lot of the customisation that other distro layers provide. However, it
still does set up a few useful things.


	- mmmpi-image

	  This is the main image recipe which you should build.

	- kitchen-sink

	  Builds every package which should be available in the feed to be
	  installed on an mmmpi image.

	- mmmpi-user & mmmpi-sudo

	  Define the mmmpi user and give it sudo privileges.

	- mmmpi-feed

	  Configure the official package feed.

	- linux-raspberrypi

	  Raspberry Pi linux kernel, pinned at a working version.


	- bcm2835-bootfiles

	  Use a smaller archive for SRC_URI rather than cloning a huge git repo.

Login details:

	- User: mmmpi
	  Password: tastytastypi

	  This user has sudo privileges so you shouldn't need to login as root.

	- User: root

	  Cannot login.


	- openembedded-core
	  URI: git://
	  branch: master
	  revision: HEAD

	- meta-oe & meta-networking
	  URI: git://
	  branch: master
	  revision: HEAD

	- meta-raspberrypi
	  URI: git://
	  branch: master
	  revision: HEAD


	- Paul Barker