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added canonicalize method

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       redis.hgetall sha
+    def self.canonicalize(blob)
+      blob.gsub(/[\d]{4,}/,'')
+    end
     def self.create(error)
-      sha = Digest::SHA1.hexdigest "#{error["exception"]} #{error["backtrace"]} #{error["environment"]}"
+      blob = "#{error["exception"]} #{error["backtrace"]} #{error["environment"]}"
+      sha = Digest::SHA1.hexdigest self.canonicalize(blob)
       time =
       if redis.zadd "errors", time.to_f, sha
     def self.update(sha, annotations)
       if annotations.length > 0
-        redis.hmset sha, *annotations.flatten 
+        redis.hmset sha, *annotations.flatten
       redis.hgetall sha
     def self.import!(path)
       errors = JSON.parse(
-      errors.each do |error| 
+      errors.each do |error|
           "exception" => error[0],
           "backtrace" => error[1],
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