This is a simple wrapper around a script from William Lam.

This script will check if a SD card base ESXi installation is going to fail during the next boots. It will than put this information into a csv file for easy consumption.

NOTE: This script requires Plink.exe to be in the same directory as the script.

The SDCardCheck.txt contains the same code as the SDCardCheck_debug.txt except that all output except the status of the SD is remarked out to minimize the output into the csv file.

The script contains some common functions I use:

  • PW Checking
  • SSH Commands via Plink.exe (in this case using a file to be executed, not a single ssh command)
  • Logging incl Error-Log into a file and output to screen
  • Pause command (disabled to be able to use in a batch environment)
  • Time logging

So if you want to you can make the script a lot smaller by removing some of the fluff.