aifad / Changelog

2006-11-22:  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2004-04-18:  Minor speed improvement.

2004-03-24:  Fixed a bug.

             New way of computing entropy in gain ratio for subvariables
             under redundant structures: takes into account probability
             estimates from multinomial estimation, which may differ
             from a pure frequency based approach.

             Made Ristad's "Natural Law of Succession" the current default
             for multinomial estimation instead of the frequency based
             approach.  Experiments will still have to be performed to
             test its performance.

2004-03-22:  Intermediate release to fix a bug.  Changed computation
             of most frequent value again (dependent version).

2004-03-06:  Fixed computation of most frequent value (dependent version).
             Should be both statistically and computationally optimal now.

             Updated copyright notice.

             Updated OCamlMakefile.

2003-11-26:  Fixed a bug concerning type handling.

             Updated OCamlMakefile.

2003-10-08:  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2003-04-04:  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2003-03-18:  Slightly improved performance reading in data.

2003-02-28:  Fixed a bug in the computation of deep dependent entropy.
             Fixed a bug in the computation of independent shallow entropy.

2003-01-31:  Fixed a problem concerning rounding-errors during
             calculation of gain ratios.

2003-01-16:  Added flat representation of missing values.

2003-01-15:  Improved efficiency of basic entropy calculation.

             Changed implementation of flag "-with-min-gr" with random
             models. The two options now work together without exhibiting
             degenerative behaviour.

2003-01-07:  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2002-11-23:  Fixed a bug: C4.5-data without input variables now treated

2002-11-21:  Added time limit flag for generation of random models.

2002-10-17:  Added include-path to contrib-directory so that the required
             libraries can be found during compilation.

             Fixed embarrassing misspelling of AFAID, eh, AIFAD in

2002-10-14:  Initial release.
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