aifad / _oasis

OASISFormat:      0.3
Name:             aifad
Version:          2.0.2
Synopsis:         AIFAD - Automated Induction of Functions over Algebraic Datatypes
Description:      AIFAD is a machine learning tool that generalizes decision tree learning to algebraic datatypes.
Authors:          Markus Mottl <>
Copyrights:       (C) 2002 Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence,
                  (C) 2003-2012 Markus Mottl <>
Maintainers:      Markus Mottl <>
LicenseFile:      COPYING.txt
License:          GPL-3+
OCamlVersion:     >= 3.12
FindlibVersion:   >= 1.3.1
FilesAB:          src/

Plugins:          META (0.3), StdFiles (0.3), DevFiles (0.3)
XStdFilesREADME:  false

BuildTools:       ocamlbuild, ocamldoc, menhir

Executable aifad
  Path:           src
  BuildDepends:   threads, res, pcre, cfg
  CompiledObject: best


SourceRepository trunk
  Type:       hg
  Location:   ssh://
  Tag:        release-$(pkg_version)
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