gsl-ocaml / NOTES

Markus Mottl f721575 

* Fast Fourier Transforms
* Random Number Generation
* Random Number Distributions
* Polynomials
* Interpolation
* Mathematical Functions
* Least-Squares Fitting
* One dimensional Root-Finding
* One dimensional Minimization
* Numerical Differentiation
* Monte Carlo Integration
* IEEE floating-point arithmetic
* Numerical Integration
* Quasi-Random Sequences
* Chebyshev Approximations
* Multidimensional Root-Finding
* Multidimensional Minimization
* Series Acceleration
* Nonlinear Least-Squares Fitting
* Simulated Annealing
* Ordinary Differential Equations
* Linear Algebra
* Eigensystems
* BLAS Support
* Vectors and Matrices
* Physical Constants
* Statistics
* Complex Numbers
* Wavelet Transforms

* Special Functions
* Permutations
* Histograms
* Sorting

* Combinations
* N-tuples
* Discrete Hankel Transforms
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