Markus Mottl avatar Markus Mottl committed ffd19a7

Fixed error module initialization bug due to missing merge with Olivier

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 exception Gsl_exn of (errno * string)
-external raise_caml_exn : bool -> unit = "ml_gsl_error_init"
+let default_handler errcode =
+  raise (Gsl_exn errcode)
+let handler =
+  ref default_handler
+external setup_caml_error_handler : bool -> unit = "ml_gsl_error_init"
 let _ = 
-  Callback.register_exception "mlgsl_exn" (Gsl_exn (CONTINUE, ""))
+  Callback.register_exception "mlgsl_exn" (Gsl_exn (CONTINUE, ""));
+  Callback.register "mlgsl_err_handler" handler
 let init () = 
-  raise_caml_exn true
+  setup_caml_error_handler true
 let uninit () = 
-  raise_caml_exn false
+  setup_caml_error_handler false
 external strerror : errno -> string = "ml_gsl_strerror"
 exception Gsl_exn of (errno * string)
+(** [Gsl_error.init ()] setups the GSL error handler so that
+    the OCaml function {!Gsl_error.handler} gets called in case of an error. *)
 val init   : unit -> unit
+(** [Gsl_error.uninit ()] reverts the GSL error handler to its previous definition.
+    The default GSL error simply aborts the program. *)
 val uninit : unit -> unit
-external strerror : errno -> string = "ml_gsl_strerror"
+(** The OCaml handler for GSL errors. Initially set to {!Gsl_error.default_handler}.
+    If the function returns, the error is ignored and execution of the GSL function continues.
+    Redefine it so as to ignore some particular errors ([EOVRFLW] or
+    [EUNDRFLW] for instance). *)
+val handler : (errno * string -> unit) ref 
+(** The default OCaml handler for GSL errors. It simply raises the
+    {!Gsl_error.Gsl_exn} exception. *)
+val default_handler : errno * string -> 'a
+val strerror : errno -> string
 val string_of_errno : errno -> string
 val pprint_exn : exn -> string
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