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Added Mat.as_vec

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+2009-06-13:  Added new function:
+               * Mat.as_vec
 2009-06-12:  Added new function:
                * tbtrs  (all numbers)
 description="LACAML - BLAS/LAPACK-interface for OCaml"
     for i = 2 to n do ar.(i - 1) <- col mat i done;
+let as_vec mat =
+  let gen = genarray_of_array2 mat in
+  reshape_1 gen (dim1 mat * dim2 mat)
 let transpose ?m ?n ?(ar = 1) ?(ac = 1) a =
   let loc = "Lacaml.Impl.NPREC.Mat.transpose" in
   let m = get_dim1_mat loc a_str a ar m_str m in
 (** [to_col_vecs mat] @return an array of column vectors initialized
     from matrix [mat]. *)
+val as_vec : mat -> vec
+(** [as_vec mat] @return a vector containing all elements of the
+    matrix in column-major order.  The data is shared. *)
 val init_rows : int -> int -> (int -> int -> num_type) -> mat
 (** [init_cols m n f] @return a matrix containing [m] rows and [n]
     columns, where each element at [row] and [col] is initialized by the
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