Markus Mottl avatar Markus Mottl committed 4a799d1

Fixed linking bug on non-Linux Unix-platforms

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+2012-02-24:  Fixed a configuration bug on non-Linux Unix-platforms that
+             prevented corrected linking.
 2012-02-01:  New major release version 6.0.0!
                1) Switched build process to Oasis
         f2c.h, lacaml_macros.h, utils_c.h
   BuildDepends: bigarray
-  if system(linux)
-    CCOpt: -O2 -DPIC
-    CCLib: -lblas -llapack
+  CCOpt: -O2 -DPIC
+  CCLib: -lblas -llapack
   if system(macosx)
     CCOpt: -O2 -DPIC -DEXTERNAL_EXP10 -framework vecLib
     CCLib: -framework vecLib
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