Markus Mottl avatar Markus Mottl committed 7d0f9ae

Fixed work space calculation for sbev

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+2011-08-09:  Fixed a bug in the work space calculation of sbev.
+             Thanks to Yichen Xie <> for contributing
+             this function!
 2011-06-25:  Added new function:
                * sbev
 description="LACAML - BLAS/LAPACK-interface for OCaml"
       | n -> raise (InternalError (sprintf "%s: error code %d" loc n)) in
     invalid_arg (sprintf "%s: %s" loc msg)
-let sbev_min_lwork n = max 1 (n + n - 2)
+let sbev_min_lwork n = max 1 (3*n - 2)
 let sbev ?n ?kd ?(zr = 1) ?(zc = 1) ?z ?(up = true) ?work ?(ofsw = 1) ?w
     ?(abr = 1) ?(abc = 1) ab =
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