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Minor cleanups

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                * lacpy (also copies triangular matrices)
                * larnv (random number generation)
+             Fixed Mac OS X build problems.
+             Lots of internal cleanups.
 2009-04-23:  Improved numerical stability of Vec.ssqr for real numbers
              and zero mean.
 description="LACAML - BLAS/LAPACK-interface for OCaml"
       if c = zero then direct_ssqr_zero n ofsx incx x
       else direct_ssqr n c ofsx incx x
-(* TODO *)
+(* MAP *)
 (* SORT *)
     as second argument. *)
 val fold :
-  (num_type -> num_type -> num_type) ->
-  num_type ->
+  ('a -> num_type -> 'a) ->
+  'a ->
   ?n : int ->
   ?ofsx : int ->
   ?incx : int ->
-  -> num_type
+  -> 'a
 (** [fold f a ?n ?ofsx ?incx x] is
     [f (... (f (f a x.{ofsx}) x.{ofsx + incx}) ...) x.{ofsx + (n-1)*incx}]
     if [incx > 0] and the same in the reverse order of appearance of the
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