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make doc: create API.odocl if it does not exist.

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Files changed (1) lib/lacaml_SDCZ.mli
 	ocaml -configure _oasis API.odocl: _oasis
 	oasis setup
 doc install uninstall reinstall: all
 	ocaml -$@
+doc: API.odocl
 upload-doc: doc
 	scp -C -p -r _build/API.docdir $(WEB)
 	tar -zcvf $(TARBALL) --exclude='*~' $(DIR)
 	$(RM) -r $(DIR)
+.PHONY: debian
+	oasis2debian init --debian-name $(shell oasis query name)
 .PHONY:	clean
 	ocaml -clean
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