lacaml / TODO

* Revise calculcation of workspace sizes

  As of now (2005-06-20), the LAPACK-documentation is out of date.
  In the next LAPACK-release the following functions need to be revised:

    * gelsd
    * gesdd

* Improve performance with threads on small data

  Currently all external functions that have at least linear running time
  wrt. some parameter release the OCaml runtime lock.  This coarse-grained
  approach may make Lacaml perform less well with some functions on small
  amounts of data, and also in applications that link with threads,
  but do not really use them at runtime.  This problem is especially
  pronounced if the user has to deal with large numbers of small datasets,
  and can lead to quite noticable slowdowns.

  Solution: allow the user to explicitly request that the OCaml runtime
  lock be kept, and also provide for default heuristics that choose to
  keep it if some value computed from the function parameters does not
  exceed a certain value (e.g. matrix size, etc.).

* Add new features from LAPACK 3.2.
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