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Fixed documentation bugs in README

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+2006-09-18: Fixed documentation bugs in the README.
 2006-09-16: Added better support for ELF-platforms (especially with Godi).
 2006-09-15: Added a partial fix for MacOS X problems concerning shared
    * profiling-native-code-library (pncl)
    * byte-code-dll                 (bcd)
    * native-code-dll               (ncd)
-   * pack-byte-code              (pabc)
-   * pack-native-code            (panc)
+   * pack-byte-code                (pabc)
+   * pack-native-code              (panc)
    * toplevel interpreter          (top)
-   * subprjs
+   * subprojs
 Here a short note concerning building and linking byte code libraries
 with C-files:
   settings specific to each project by using variables of the form
   "PROJ_p1", "PROJ_p2", etc.  E.g.:
-    export PROJ_p1 = \
-      SOURCES="" \
-      RESULT="p1" \
+    define PROJ_p1
+      SOURCES=""
+      RESULT="p1"
+    endef
+    export PROJ_p1
-    export PROJ_p2 = ...
+    define PROJ_p2
+      ...
+    endef
+    export PROJ_p2
   You may also export common settings used by all projects directly, e.g.
   "export THREADS = y".
   OCAMLMAKEFILE has been defined appropriately):
-            @make -f $(OCAMLMAKEFILE) subprjs SUBTARGET=$@
+            @make -f $(OCAMLMAKEFILE) subprojs SUBTARGET=$@
   See the "threads"-directory in the distribution for a short example!
-Vienna, 2006-09-16
+Vienna, 2006-09-18
 Markus Mottl
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