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Fixed linking order

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+2011-11-09: Fixed linking order to conform to stricter Linux linker rules.
 2011-03-23: Improved handling of packed byte-code libraries.
             Thanks to Christophe Troestler <>
-				$(ALL_LDFLAGS) $(OBJS_LIBS) -o $@$(EXE) \
+				$(OBJS_LIBS) $(ALL_LDFLAGS) -o $@$(EXE) \
 nolink:			$(REAL_IMPL_INTF) $(OBJ_LINK)
-				$(ALL_LDFLAGS) $(OBJS_LIBS) -o $@$(EXE) \
+				$(OBJS_LIBS) $(ALL_LDFLAGS) -o $@$(EXE) \
 .SUFFIXES:		.mli .ml .cmi .cmo .cmx .cma .cmxa .$(EXT_OBJ) \
 # Packing a bytecode library
 LIB_PACK_NAME_MLI = $(wildcard $(LIB_PACK_NAME).mli)
-			$(REAL_OCAMLFIND) $(OCAMLOPT) -a $(filter-out -custom, $(ALL_LDFLAGS)) $(OBJS_LIBS) -o $@ $(LIB_PACK_NAME).cmx
+			$(REAL_OCAMLFIND) $(OCAMLOPT) -a $(OBJS_LIBS) $(filter-out -custom, $(ALL_LDFLAGS)) -o $@ $(LIB_PACK_NAME).cmx
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