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callback_exn -> caml_callback_exn

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+2007-04-23:  callback_exn -> caml_callback_exn.
 2006-11-22:  Updated OCamlMakefile.
 2006-06-11:  Updated to pcre-5.0!
 description="Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions"
     Field(v_callout_data, 7) = Val_int(cb->next_item_length);
     /* Perform callout */
-    v_res = callback_exn(*cod->v_cof_p, v_callout_data);
+    v_res = caml_callback_exn(*cod->v_cof_p, v_callout_data);
     if (Is_exception_result(v_res)) {
       /* Callout raised an exception */
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