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Fixed a Windows portability bug in the C-bindings

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+2011-12-15:  Fixed a Windows portability bug in the C-bindings.
+             Thanks to Evgenii Lepikhin <> for the patch!
 2011-11-09:  Updated OCamlMakefile to fix linking order.
 2011-01-16:  Added support for limit recursion flag.
 description="Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions"


 	ocamlopt -verbose -a -o pcre.cmxa pcre.cmx \
   		-cclib pcre_stubs.lib -cclib libpcre.lib 
+install: pcre.cmxa pcre.cma
 	ocamlfind install pcre META pcre.cma pcre.cmxa pcre.cmi pcre.mli \
 		pcre.lib pcre_stubs.lib
       if (ret < 0) handle_exec_error("pcre_exec_stub", ret);
       else {
         const int *ovec_src = ovec + subgroups2_1;
+#if _WIN64
+        long long *ovec_dst = (long long *) ovec + subgroups2_1;
         long int *ovec_dst = (long int *) ovec + subgroups2_1;
         /* Converts offsets from C-integers to OCaml-Integers
            This is a bit tricky, because there are 32- and 64-bit platforms
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