pcre-ocaml / README.win32

1. Read README.win32 in the OCaml distribution and download the third
   party software for the native windows distribution.  Prepare a shell
   with the right PATH; typically create a .bat file containing:

   CALL "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat"
   CALL "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK"\SetEnv.Cmd /SRV32

   From now on, we assume you use such a shell.

2. Go to <http://www.pcre.org/>, download the latest pcre tarball
   (tested with 7.2), and unpack it (say in pcre-7.2).

3. Possibly modify make_pcre.ml (in directory pcre_make.win32) to set
   the paths to your will.  The default is to install in the pcre/
   subdirectory of the default OCaml library location and should be
   fine for most cases.  (The C pcre library is small, you should not
   worry about having multiple copies on your system.)

4. Copy the file make_pcre.ml to pcre-7.2 and execute:

     ocaml make_pcre.ml

   This will compile and install pcre.

5. Copy make_pcre.ml (yes the same as above!) to the lib/ subdirectory
   of the directory where you unpacked pcre-ocaml, go into lib/ and

     ocaml make_pcre.ml

   This will compile and install pcre-ocaml.

6. Optionally, go to the any example directory and type


   to compile the example there.


Christophe Troestler and Markus Mottl

July 12, 2007
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