pomap / Makefile

EXAMPLES = $(filter-out examples/CVS, $(wildcard examples/*))

.PHONY: all
	@cd lib && $(MAKE) byte-code-library native-code-library

.PHONY:	examples
	@for dir in $(EXAMPLES); do (cd $$dir && $(MAKE)); done

.PHONY:	doc
	@cd lib && $(MAKE) $@
	ln -sf lib/doc

.PHONY:	install
	@cd lib && $(MAKE) $@

.PHONY:	uninstall
	@cd lib && $(MAKE) $@

.PHONY:	clean
	@cd lib && $(MAKE) clean
	@for dir in $(EXAMPLES); do (cd $$dir && $(MAKE) clean); done
	@rm -f doc
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