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Switched to generational global root registration

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+2008-01-05:  Switched to generational global root registration of
+             callbacks for better performance.
+             Requires OCaml 3.11 or higher!!!
 2008-10-25:  Fixed portability problem on Mac OS X.
 2008-09-30:  Fixed tiny bug that prevented use with PostgreSQL 8.1.


 #define OPAQUEOID               2282
 #define ANYELEMENTOID           2283
-static value v_empty_string = 0;
+static value v_empty_string = Val_unit;
 static value v_None = Val_int(0);
 static inline value make_some(value v)
 CAMLprim value PQocaml_init(value __unused v_unit)
-  caml_register_global_root(&v_empty_string);
   v_empty_string = caml_alloc_string(0);
+  caml_register_generational_global_root(&v_empty_string);
   v_exc_Oid = caml_named_value("Postgresql.Oid");
   return Val_unit;
   c = (np_callback *) caml_stat_alloc(sizeof(np_callback));
   c->v_cb = v_handler;
   c->cnt = 1;
-  caml_register_global_root(&(c->v_cb));
+  caml_register_generational_global_root(&(c->v_cb));
   return c;
   if (c) {
     if (c->cnt == 0) {
-      caml_remove_global_root(&c->v_cb);
+      caml_remove_generational_global_root(&c->v_cb);
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