postgresql-ocaml / INSTALL.txt

(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 5cd2d4ec584f25e55d5c8bc833957508) *)
This is the INSTALL file for the postgresql-ocaml distribution.

This package uses OASIS to generate its build system. See section OASIS for
full information. 


In order to compile this package, you will need:
* ocaml (>= 3.12) for all, doc API
* findlib (>= 1.3.1)
* lablgtk2 for executable prompt_gtk


1. Uncompress the source archive and go to the root of the package
2. Run 'ocaml -configure'
3. Run 'ocaml -build'
4. Run 'ocaml -install'


1. Go to the root of the package
2. Run 'ocaml -uninstall'


OASIS is a program that generates a file using a simple '_oasis'
configuration file. The generated setup only depends on the standard OCaml
installation: no additional library is required.

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