postgresql-ocaml / CHANGES.txt

2012-07-20:  Downgraded findlib version requirement to support the Debian
             testing branch.

2012-07-15:  New major release version 2.0.0:

               * Upgraded to OCaml 4.00
               * Switched to Oasis for packaging
               * Switched to OCamlBuild for the build process
               * Rewrote README in Markdown
               * Added stricter compilation flags
               * Fixed broken copy_out method

2012-01-10:  Added new function:

               * Postgresql.get_escaped_value

             Thanks to Jonathan Derque <> for the

2011-12-29:  Fixed a memory allocation bug getting values of binary format.

             Thanks to Igor Plotnikov <> for the patch!

2011-05-23:  Fixed conndefaults bindings some more due to unclear PostgreSQL

             Thanks to Vijai Lulla <> for the bug report!

2011-05-21:  Fixed GC bug in conndefaults function.

             Thanks to Vijai Lulla <> for the bug report!

2010-12-25:  Added support for the new bytea hex format in PostgreSQL 9.0.

             Thanks to Alain Frisch <> for the initial patch!

2010-12-08:  Fixed findlib linking problem with bigarrays.

2010-10-17:  Added better support for prepared statements.

             Added support for zero-copy I/O with large objects.

             Thanks to Chris King <> for the above two

             Improved handling of sizes in C-bindings.

2010-03-17:  Fixed small copy_out bug.

2010-02-17:  Signal an error at link time if multi-threading support is
             not available.

             Thanks to Guillaume Yziquel <>
             for the hint!

2009-10-12:  Fixed example build problem.

2009-10-07:  Minor API change.

             "socket" method now returns an integer instead of a
             Unix file descriptor to avoid type problems under

2009-09-18:  Fixed serious bug in new escape_string method.

             PLEASE UPGRADE!!!

2009-09-08:  API-change: deleted "escape_string" function.

             There is now a method "escape_string" in the connection
             class, which is not deprecated and hence safer.

2009-05-07:  Significant improvements to thread-safety.

2009-01-16:  Added missing null parameter.

             Thanks to Alain Frisch <> for the patch!

2009-01-15:  Addes support for specifying binary parameters in queries.

             Thanks to Alain Frisch <> for the patch!

2009-01-05:  Switched to generational global root registration of
             callbacks for better performance.

             Requires OCaml 3.11 or higher!!!

2008-10-25:  Fixed portability problem on Mac OS X.

2008-09-30:  Fixed tiny bug that prevented use with PostgreSQL 8.1.

2008-09-29:  Added support for connection methods:

               * describe_prepared

             Added support for result methods:

               * nparams
               * paramtype

             Thanks to Paolo Donadeo <> for the
             above contributions!

             Updated OCamlMakefile.

2008-03-19:  Allow several commands in one query again (was broken after
             support for query parameters had been added).  Updated the
             INSTALL file with a hint on how to solve a potential linking
             problem on Windows.

             Thanks to Alain Frisch <> for this patch
             and hint!

2008-03-14:  Merged with Jane Street Capital version (some minor

2008-03-10:  Improved portability to Windows.  Added support for
             parameters in queries.  Some internal cleanups.

             Thanks to Alain Frisch <> for this patch!

2007-03-28:  Greatly improved multi-thread support.

             Added seek options.

             Improved documentation.

             Updated OCamlMakefile.

2007-03-28:  Fixed a potential GC-bug.  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2007-03-19:  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2007-03-19:  Fixed a linking problem on Mac OS X.

             Thanks to Leonardo Cecchi <>
             for the hint!

2007-01-08:  Fixed a build problem related to a bug in OCamlMakefile.

             Thanks to Anastasia Gornostaeva <>
             for the hint!

2007-01-08:  Fixed a build problem concerning non-standard locations of

             Thanks to Anastasia Gornostaeva <>
             for the patch!

2006-11-22:  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2006-11-08:  Upgraded prompt_gtk to LablGTK2.

             Tightened compilation warnings.

             Removed superfluous linking option.

             Replaced obsolete escaping method, and added calls to
             PQfreemem required on Windows.

2006-09-15:  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2006-08-17:  Automatically fetch compiler and linker flags for the local
             PostgreSQL-installation for simpler installation.  Thanks to
             Vincenzo Ciancia <> for the hint!

2006-07-21:  Fixed GC-bug.

2006-06-08:  Fixed GC-bugs.

2006-01-24:  Added support for accessing binary fields.

2005-05-31:  Fixed some uncleanliness reported by Saffire (an FFI-type

2005-03-22:  Small internal improvement.

2004-12-28:  Fixed a potential compilation problem.

2004-12-20:  Fixed a bug in the "escape_bytea"-function: escaped strings
             contained an additional null character.

             Thanks to Christophe Troestler
             <> for the bug report!

             Updated OCamlMakefile.

2004-08-26:  Small internal code-improvement.

2004-08-05:  Several significant improvements: the oid type is now
             revealed as int in the interface.  The "ftype"-method has
             been changed to return the new type "ftype".  The latter
             lists 60 constructors, which specify the types of fields.

             The change comes with new conversion functions:

               * ftype_of_oid
               * oid_of_ftype
               * string_of_ftype
               * ftype_of_string

             And with new exceptions:

               * exception Oid of oid
               * exception InternalError of string

2004-08-02:  Fixed two serious thread-related bugs.

2004-07-14:  Minor update for OCaml-3.08.

             Updated OCamlMakefile.

2004-07-06:  Added an example "cursor" that demonstrates the use of

2004-06-29:  Fixed an off-by-one error in method "get_all_lst".
             Thanks to Anil Madhavapeddy <> for the patch!

             Updated OCamlMakefile.

2004-04-27:  Updated OCamlMakefile.

2004-04-13:  Fixed a problem concerning backwards compatibility with
             older OCaml-versions that do not yet use the caml-namespace
             (identifiers not yet prefixed with "caml_").

2004-02-21:  Added CAMLprim in the C-interface where appropriate.

2004-02-08:  Fixed minor bugs concerning returning unit values from C.
             Made C-interface compile with pedantic compiler settings.

2004-01-29:  Some major changes to interface to use or improve handling
             of default arguments. Effected methods:

               * escape_string
               * escape_bytea
               * getline
               * getline_async
               * putnbytes
               * lo_write
               * lo_read
               * lo_seek

             Removed methods (obsolete due to default arguments - use
             "lo_write" instead):

               * lo_write_string

             Added functions:

               * unescape_bytea

2004-01-28:  First release.
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