res / CHANGES.txt

2012-07-20:  Downgraded findlib version requirement to support the Debian
             testing branch.

2012-07-15:  New major release version 4.0.0:

               * Upgraded to OCaml 4.00
               * Switched to Oasis for packaging
               * Switched to OCamlBuild for the build process
               * Rewrote README in Markdown
               * Added stricter compilation flags

2009-06-01: Robustified implementation to avoid internal use of Obg.magic.

2008-09-16: Changed strategy API to greatly improve performance of

2008-05-09: Added unsafe_expose_array to parameterized resizable arrays.

2006-11-22: Updated OCamlMakefile.

2005-12-26: Fixed a build problem.

2005-10-24: Added sof_list.

2004-04-11: Removed use of unsafe external function that depends on
            current CVS-version.

2004-01-28: Renamed external function for compatibility with most recent

            Updated OCamlMakefile.

2003-04-09: Updated OCamlMakefile.
            Fixed an installation problem.

2003-01-07: Updated OCamlMakefile to make use of "findlib".

2002-09-23: Fixed a bug in "remove_n" (arguments not fully checked).

            Slightly improved efficiency.

2002-09-11: Updated OCamlMakefile and license.

            Documented all modules for ocamldoc.

            Changed module Res for better accessibility.

            Made resizable weak arrays conform to module Weak again.

2002-05-04: Revised the whole installation procedure. See INSTALL for

2002-04-30: Updated OCamlMakefile: it does not ask for confirmation
            during installation anymore!

2001-06-30: Removed "Printexc.catch" from stupid_ga-example: is going
            to be deprecated in upcoming OCaml-release.

2001-06-24: Added special module for resizable integer arrays (again),
            because it is faster on many operations.

2001-01-30: Made Makefile more general (allows simpler addition of
            further examples).

2001-01-26: Made use of the new OCaml-keyword "include" for module
            inclusion. This makes the file "lib/" significantly
            shorter. This change requires an OCaml-version higher
            than 3.00.

2001-01-24: Updated OCamlMakefile

2000-06-24: Updated OCamlMakefile

2000-06-13: Updated OCamlMakefile

2000-06-11: Updated OCamlMakefile

2000-06-08: Added installation routine + updated OCamlMakefile again:

            This upgrade makes installation much easier! Read the
            updated INSTALL-file!

2000-06-07: Upgraded to new OCamlMakefile.

2000-04-28: Fixed *critical* bug:

            Filling and blitting accidently truncated the array if the last
            index of the operation was smaller than the one of the target

            Resizable bit-vectors should be *much* more efficient now
            (blitting, resizing, etc. about 30 (60) times faster, depending on
            your architecture!):

            I took the new implementation of Jean-Christophe Filliatre's
            bitv-library, which uses some very clever algorithms for efficient
            blitting. In the near (?) future I'll also add his functions for
            common logical, efficient operations on bit-strings (unless
            somebody wants to volunteer... ;-)

2000-03-23: Removed special module for resizable integer arrays:

            Integer arrays are not unboxed and won't be in the (near?)
            future: this would cause generic polymorphic functions such as
            equality, hashing and output_value to produce wrong results.

            Therefore, use the parameterized version instead. It is
            equally fast.

2000-03-08: New function (in all implementations):

            find_index - takes a predicate, a resizable array and a
                         start index and returns the index of the
                         first element that satisfies the predicate -
                         see interface documentation for details.

            Fixed documentation of interfaces: in some cases the wrong
            name for possibly raised exceptions was provided.

2000-01-10: Added functions for converting standard arrays to resizable
            ones and strings to buffers.

            Added "create" and "screate" to the interface of parameterized
            arrays. This makes it easier to use it in place of the
            standard array.

            Removed "make" and "smake" from resizable weak arrays -
            not useful there.

            Updated documentation on how to use the index operators with
            the resizable datastructures and how to easily replace the
            standard arrays/strings with the resizable ones in large

1999-12-25: Added support for weak arrays + small example

1999-11-04: Added support for bit-vectors
            (peeked at Jean-Christophe Filliatre's bitv-library for this).

            Added new example:

     (a brain-dead genetic algorithm using bit-vectors)

            We now have a TODO-list ;-)

1999-10-23: Added three new functions:

            remove_range - removes a range of elements within a resizable

            pos  - returns the index of the first logically equal element
            posq - returns the index of the first physically equal element

1999-10-13: First release.
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