sqlite3-ocaml / Changelog

2009-05-23: Fixed example to be consistent with new API.

2009-05-16: Fixed mishandling of OCaml-runtime lock when callbacks
	    raise exceptions, and correctly handle NULL-pointer
	    results when getting column type declarations.

	    Thanks to Bruno Daniel <bruno.daniel@gmx.net> for this

            Changed API to expose optional results.

2009-03-09: Fixed potential build problem.

2009-03-01: Added support for user-defined aggregate functions.

            Thanks to Anil Madhavapeddy <anil@recoil.org> for the initial
            version of the patch!

2009-02-21: Added new function:

              * busy_timeout

            Thanks to Paolo Donadeo <p.donadeo@gmail.com> for the patch!

2009-01-05: Switched to generational global root registration of
            callbacks for better performance.

            Requires OCaml 3.11 or higher!!!

2008-12-02: Added function enable_load_extension if it is available.

            Thanks to Pietro Abate <Pietro.Abate@pps.jussieu.fr> for
            the patch!

2008-05-11: Added function column_count, used it internally in place of
            data_count, and improved documentation of associated

            Thanks to James Cheney <james.cheney@gmail.com> for the patch!

2008-05-07: Renamed Data.to_string to Data.to_string_debug for converting
            fields to strings with their data constructor.  Replaced the
            previous function with one that behaves more like users
            would expect.  Thanks to Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>
            for the suggestion.

2008-04-18: Improved backwards compatibility to older versions of SQLite.

2008-04-04: Fixed a build problem on Mac OS X.

2008-03-27: Fixed a build problem on FreeBSD.

            Thanks to Jaap Boender <Jaap.Boender@pps.jussieu.fr> for
            the patch!

2008-03-14: Synced with Jane Street tree.

2008-03-05: Added a patch to improve Windows support.  Thanks to Alain
            Frisch <alain@frisch.fr> for the patch!

2007-09-04: Fixed a minor bug converting status codes.

2007-08-20: Fixed a GC-bug related to user-defined SQL-functions.

            Thanks to Enrico Tassi <gareuselesinge@virgilio.it> for the
            test case to replicate this problem!

2007-06-17: Added support for user-defined scalar functions.  Thanks to
            Enrico Tassi <gareuselesinge@virgilio.it> for the patch!

            Switched to sqlite3_prepare_v2 internally to avoid the older,
            deprecated sqlite3_prepare-function.  Thanks to Gabriel
            Kerneis <gabriel@kerneis.info> for the hint!

            Removed exec_sql-function, which was buggy in the last
            release anyway (thanks to Paul Stodghill <ps27@cornell.edu>
            for pointing this out!).  Its interface hides too much
            important information from the user (e.g. BUSY-steps, etc.).
            It did not seem possible to design a function that made
            it as simple as exec_sql to run an SQL-statement without
            inviting the user to write buggy/incomplete code, or that
            wouldn't make the interface almost as complicated as just
            writing the correct code that handles all cases by oneself.

2007-05-07: Further GC-bug fixes.  There was a design bug in the library
            that was causing all these GC issues (C-structs allocated
            in the OCaml-heap).  This obviously seemed safe (and more
            efficient) to the initial author, but after extensive checking
            it became apparent that this just does not work if C-structs
            reference each other, because the GC might move these memory
            regions.  It seems safer to allocate C-structs with "malloc",
            and use an indirection to access them.

2007-05-04: Fixed several GC-bugs, and improved thread interaction.

2007-04-23: callback_exn -> caml_callback_exn.

2007-03-30: Fixed a GC-bug.

2007-03-19: Fixed an installation problem on Cygwin.

            Thanks to James Cheney <james.cheney@gmail.com> for the hint!

2007-02-27: Small API-change: the callback for exec is now an optional

            Added three more "exec"-functions, which do or do not take
            headers or handle NULL-values.

            Improved quality of C-code (removed warnings).

2007-02-23: Fixed a bug in the "db_close"-function.  Improved documentation.

2007-02-19: Added check for out of memory after malloc.

2007-01-31: Fixed build problem on x86_64: added -fPIC flag to compilation
            of C-stubs.

2007-01-17: Complete rewrite by Markus Mottl <markus.mottl@gmail.com>.

2005-04-??: Initial coding (0.1) by
            Christian Szegedy <csdontspam871@metamatix.org>.
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