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A few rebindings

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 nnoremap Q gqip
 " Function key settings - 'make'-shortcuts
-map <F4> :w<CR>
 map <F5> :cp<CR>
 map <F6> :cn<CR>
-" Turn off match highlighting
-map <F11> :nohlsearch<CR>
 " Have <F2> toggle paste
 set pastetoggle=<F2>
 " OCaml stuff
 let no_ocaml_comments = 1
+set makeprg=ocb
 " Remove GUI-nonsense
 set guioptions-=T
 " NERDTree
 nnoremap <leader>n :NERDTree<CR>
+" Make
+nnoremap <leader>M :make<CR>
+" Turn off match highlighting
+nnoremap <leader>h :nohlsearch<CR>
+" Save quickly
+nnoremap <leader>w :w<CR>
 if filereadable(expand('~/.vimrc_local'))
   source ~/.vimrc_local
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