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To Do

This is a collection of things that need to be done. The order doesn't imply any priority. These tasks may be turned into tickets and assigned to milestones. Tasks in Progress

  • write unit tests
  • define API --> partially done
  • write documentation, tutorial etc.
  • write example applications that use PyModelData (there are two, with an older version though --> update)

Next Tasks

  • open function for format modules
  • exception handling for open function
  • exception handling for !INCLUDE
  • allow specifying of data types for non-yaml formats, i.e. each column may have a data type

Shorter Term Tasks

  • check for entries in data that are not in default
  • add property require for keywords that should not work with default values
  • implement more readers/writers for other formats (PyTables, Excel, dBase)
  • add checks and conversions for physical units

Longer Term Tasks

  • use ordered dict as default in YAML (makes writing back in the order of reading possible --> round-trip) --> patch to YAML
  • maybe allow unlimited nesting levels in data (there are only two levels now)
  • make dump aware of numpy arrays
  • allow lazy reading of large files (use generators/iterators)
  • write desktop GUI (prerequisite: round-trip)
  • write web GUI (prerequisite: round-trip)
  • make list with projects/applications/models that use PyModeldata
  • idea: access to model data via SQLite database or use PyTables as intermediate storage
  • more ...