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Greg Von Kuster 08e2c7e 
Chinmay Rao 2bfff93 
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Chinmay Rao 2bfff93 

Greg Von Kuster 08e2c7e 

Chinmay Rao 2bfff93 

Greg Von Kuster 08e2c7e 
Chinmay Rao 2bfff93 

<tool id="EMBOSS: dan19" name="dan" version="5.0.0">
  <description>Calculates DNA RNA/DNA melting temperature</description>
  <requirements><requirement type="package" version="5.0.0">emboss</requirement></requirements>
  <command interpreter="perl">emboss_single_outputfile_wrapper.pl dan -sequence $input1 -windowsize $window -goutfile $out_file1 -graph png -plot $plot1 -shiftincrement $shift -dnaconc $dnaconc
  -saltconc $saltconc -product $product -formamide $formamide -mismatch $mismatch -prodlen $prodlen -thermo $thermo -temperature $temperature -rna $rna -outfile $out_file1 -auto</command>
    <param format="data" name="input1" type="data">
      <label>On query</label>
    <param name="window" size="4" type="text" value="20">
      <label>Window Size</label>
    <param name="shift" size="4" type="text" value="1">
      <label>Step size (shift increment)</label>
    <param name="dnaconc" size="4" type="text" value="50.0">
      <label>DNA Concentration (nM)</label>
    <param name="saltconc" size="4" type="text" value="50.0">
      <label>Salt concentration (mM)</label>
    <param name="thermo" type="select">
      <label>Output the DeltaG, DeltaH and DeltaS values</label>
      <option value="yes">Yes</option>
      <option value="no">No</option>
    <param name="temperature" size="4" type="text" value="25 ">
      <label>Temperature at which to calculate the DeltaG, DeltaH and DeltaS values</label>
    <param name="rna" type="select">
      <label>Sequence is RNA</label>
      <option value="no">No</option>
      <option value="yes">Yes</option>
    <param name="product" type="select">
      <label>Include percent formamide, percent of mismatches allowed and product length</label>
      <option value="no">No</option>
      <option value="yes">Yes</option>
    <param name="formamide" size="4" type="text" value="0 ">
      <label>Formamide concentration (nM)</label>
    <param name="mismatch" size="4" type="text" value="0 ">
      <label>Percent mismatch to be used in calculations</label>
    <param name="prodlen" size="4" type="text" value="20">
      <label>Product length to be used in calculations</label>
    <param name="plot1" type="select">
      <label>Create a graph</label>
      <option value="no">No</option>
      <option value="yes">Yes</option>
    <data format="dan" name="out_file1" />
      <param name="input1" value="2.fasta"/>
      <param name="window" value="20"/>
      <param name="shift" value="1"/>
      <param name="dnaconc" value="50"/>
      <param name="saltconc" value="50"/>
      <param name="thermo" value="yes"/>
      <param name="temperature" value="25"/>
      <param name="rna" value="no"/>
      <param name="product" value="no"/>
      <param name="formamide" value="0"/>
      <param name="mismatch" value="0"/>
      <param name="prodlen" value="20"/>
      <param name="plot1" value="yes"/>
      <output name="out_file1" file="emboss_dan_out.png"/>
  <code file="emboss_format_corrector.py" />
    You can view the original documentation here_.
    .. _here: http://emboss.sourceforge.net/apps/release/5.0/emboss/apps/dan.html