Mitsuhiro Nakamura committed 2a1297a

add devel/diffstat

still have to manually put the source file into the distfiles dir
because of the conflict in the master_sites

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+# $Id: $
+PortSystem 1.0
+name                    diffstat
+version                 1.57
+categories              devel
+maintainers             toby
+description             Make histogram from diff-output
+long_description        diffstat reads the output of diff and displays a histogram\
+                        of the insertions, deletions, and modifications per-file.\
+                        It is useful for reviewing large, complex patch files.
+platforms               darwin
+# master_sites.mirror_subdir    datafiles/release/
+distname                ${name}
+worksrcdir              ${name}-${version}
+checksums               sha1    c6d9247b8b32eeab5d866686f91a8fbdde3e340f \
+                        rmd160  283eb92f468466215fc897da6cb92818cb99f73b \
+                        sha256  cb9845839d695f178d6b5458b08d3e04773e400f35c0c062c4c0102220fba1e6
+configure.args          --mandir=${prefix}/share/man
+                yes             check