macports / tex / revtex / Portfile

# $Id$

PortSystem 1.0

name         revtex
version      4.1
revision     2
categories   tex print
platforms    darwin
maintainers  nomaintainer
description  The American Physical Society's TeX macros
long_description \
  TeX macros for preparing papers in the styles used \
  by the American Physical Society's journals.

master_sites ${homepage}

distname ${name}4-1
use_zip yes
extract.suffix .zip

checksums md5 b7ac84ced5d36863522bb84d9b1f4dbb

depends_run bin:texhash:texlive
depends_lib port:lineno port:natbib port:textcase port:url

conflicts latex2html

configure {}
build     {}

set texmf_local ${prefix}/share/texmf-local
set dest_dir    ${texmf_local}/tex/latex

destroot {
  file mkdir ${destroot}${dest_dir}
  file copy  ${workpath}/${distname} ${destroot}${dest_dir}/${name}

post-build {
  system "cd ${workpath}/${distname} && unzip ${distname}"
  system "cd ${workpath}/${distname} && rm ${distname}"

post-activate { system "texhash" }