macports / tex / bmc / Portfile

# $Id: $

PortSystem     1.0
name           bmc
version        1.06
revision       0
categories     tex
platforms      darwin
maintainers    nomaintainer
description \
    Style files for BioMed Central
long_description $description

checksums       md5 7826c508a21a5de5cc6f59a281e92254

distname ${name}_article
# extract.suffix .bst
# use_zip no
depends_lib bin:texhash:texlive

configure { }
build     { }

destroot {
  set texdest ${destroot}${prefix}/share/texmf-local/tex/latex/${name}
  set texfiles {
    readme.html \
    bmc_article.bst \
    bmc_article.cls \
    bmc_article.tex \
    bmc_article.bib \
  file mkdir ${texdest}
  foreach file $texfiles {
    file copy $workpath/$file $texdest
    file attributes $texdest/$file -permissions 644

post-activate {
  system "texhash"
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