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Project Description

Shinkansen allows you to compress with gzip/deflate, crunch (minify, etc), combine into a single resource, and cache CSS and JavaScript includes.


In the feature list below, static resources refers to JavaScript and CSS.

  • HTTP compression of static resources with gzip/deflate
  • Crunching of static resources (minification, etc)
  • Combining static resources into single downloads
  • Caching of static resources on the client so they don't get requested again and again
  • Moving JavaScript to the bottom of the page.


  • Your browser needs fewer threads to download resources. Threads are in short supply to begin with.
  • HTTP compression gives you tremendous bandwidth savings.
  • Minification of source files produces smaller files.
  • Client caching allows downloaded resources to stay on the client. As long as they don't change, the browser won't download them again.
  • Server caching allows to save CPU cycles by streaming resources from memory.

These benefits give you smaller, faster downloads; save bandwidth; and improve the overall responsiveness of your site.


See documentation for configuration details.


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